Monday, June 22, 2009

Ladies who are happy with Super Curvage.

Its a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brand New Super Curvage is a hit with all the ladies. They love how it gives them that coke bottle shape or super pear shape that the guys love. Here are some of the ladies who have takin the Super Curvage Pills and got the shape they were looking for. I am taking order for Super Curvage right now.

New Thighs Be Bigger is out and is a new super drug to give ladies sexy big thighs that they crave to have. The pills are all natural and has no side effects what so ever. If you would like a bottle of Thighs Be Bigger, a bottle will run you $8.99. Get your bottle of Thighs Be Bigger today. Check out our test subject below who is pleased with the product.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Girls in the Club Shocking To Me

So the Doc is in the club the other night getting my drink on having a good time and getting my drink on when I see this lady with this huge massive ass. I mean bigger than normal. This had the signs of a Dr Assbe Bigger product. So I walk up and I ask her "Wow..You have a nice shape and a pretty big massive butt. No offense but is it real?" She looked at me kind of weird then proceeded to say "Thank You. My butt use to be small and flat but I took this pill called 'Booty Be Bigger' and I got the biggest rump I have always wanted." I did not say no more. I just thought to myself another happy customer. I told her that she looked marvelous and sexy and let her go back to her night of enjoyment. After that i new I felt good about my work and what I do. I bring about happiness in its simplest of fashion. A small pill.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Mitchell Report

In the last few weeks the Doc. has been implicated in a congressional investigation about my products from congress, FDA, and the AVN. The investigation is that my products, "Booty Be Bigger", "Breast Be Bigger", and now the new "Super Curvage"; were products that gave ladies in the Adult BBW Industry and edge over ladies in the industry who was not using the product. The report states that ladies using the products to make their butts bigger, breast bigger, and gives ladies super killer shapes got them bigger contracts from Adult buisness companies and those ladies not using a fair shake at getting those same kind of contracts thus losing money. Not only will congress investigate me for saling the products but a list of ladies who in the industry who they "speculate" have taking the line of Dr. Assbe Bigger's drugs to get ahead in the Adult Entertainment industry. Remember Senator Bob Mitchell was the one investigating Major League Baseball for it steriods use in the league. Me personally I wonder does the government have anything better to do than mess with the adult entertainment industry and if they are making their breast or butts bigger. The names that Senator Mitchell has named and will be investigated are as follows.

Sicilia Curves
QT Pie Thighs
Amber Swallows
Nikki Diamond (Buttafly Ass)
Keita Eden
Crystal Clear
Victoria Secret
Big Lizz
Pink Kandi
Cherokee D'ass
Skyy Black
Mz Booty
Beverley Blue
Judy Diamond
Bodacious Secret
Ms Cleo
Veronica Bottoms
Taylor Juggs
Lady Snow
Mz Buttaworth
Ms Red, White, and Beautiful
Mz Diva
Peaches LaRue
Thunder Katt
Ms Dawn P.
Star (50 inches or better)
Platinum (Bad Ass)
Paige Monroe
Buffy The Body
Luscious Louis
Big Butt Asshley
Ms Assalot
Alease Sexton Sims
Lexi Lithium
Strawberry Vixxxen
Mz Waterfalls
This is only the first half of the list. The Mitchell Report does name more. Be on the look out on the second part of my blog.

New product "Super Curvage"

I know this is the begging of my blog but I wanted to go ahead and introduce my new product "Super Curvage". "Super Curvage" is a pill that helps shrink fat in the all the right places while making those other places huge and massive allowing you the customer the coke bottle shape or pear shape you want. "Super Curvage" is an all natural drug from all natural products and has no side effects. It is safe for consumption and requires no perscrription. Taking "Super Curvage" you will see immediate results in a matter of days from taking it. "Super Curvage" is only $8.99 a bottle but we are doing a buy one get one free deal for the next few weeks. Order your bottle now.

Check out some of the results of "Super Curvage".

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my brand new blog. All my work, all my updates, all my news you can find right here. Also all my other sites and pages as well. First of all please read up top as there is a disclaimer about this blog. Well with that being said lets roll this blog.